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An average Ford car houses about 200 different light bulbs on board like headlights, interior lighting, dashboard lights, etc. Nowadays there are three main types of automotive lamps: halogen, xenon and LED. Each technology has its pros and cons.

In this section of our website we have cataloged all Ford headlamps and bulb sizes. With our Ford light lamp guide, you can easily replace or install LED bulbs instead of spending countless hours figuring out which bulb size should be used.

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Your Ford vehicle features different types of lights that require different types of bulbs. These include fog lights, headlights, signal lights, interior lights, sidelights, and brake lights. Depending on your car’s year of manufacture and model, the fittings may also vary.

How to find out the right bulb size for a Ford vehicle

  1. Consult your owner’s manual

You can take a look at your vehicle owner’s manual to find the right bulb size for your car. You should be able to find all the fitting details and the type of light bulb required. If you’ve misplaced your manual, download its digital version from the internet. You can also contact your car manufacturer and request for the information.

  1. Use a Ford light bulb finder

Online Ford light bulb finders are a great resource for those looking for information regarding their vehicle’s light bulb. Most online finders have sufficient data on all Ford models. All you need to do is log in and key in your vehicle’s year, model, make, and retrieve the information.

  1. Refer to previous bulbs

If you’re the DIY type of person, you’ve probably fixed or removed one your vehicle’s bulb in the past. To find out which bulb is right for your vehicle, consider uninstalling one of the light fitments. Take a look at the bulb. Most bulbs feature all the necessary details required at the bottom.

Halogen headlights


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Easy to replace
  3. Offer different dimension options
  4. Simple construction


  1. Do not produce as much light as modern headlights
  2. Waste more energy
  3. Extra care is required when handling them
  4. Are susceptible to damage due to road vibrations

LED headlights


  1. Offer a variety of options with different shapes
  2. Small in size
  3. Consume very low energy
  4. Are brighter than halogen headlights
  5. Produce warmer light than HIDs


  1. Higher production costs
  2. Produce high temperature around other materials
  3. Difficult to design

HID headlights


  1. Last longer than halogen headlights
  2. Are more efficient than halogens
  3. Provide better visibility for drivers


  1. Give too much glare
  2. High maintenance costs
  3. May use harmful materials for construction
  4. Take time to reach maximum brightness

How to choose the best aftermarket bulbs

Aftermarket bulbs offer the best alternative to OEM bulbs. There are plenty of options to choose from when picking aftermarket bulbs. The most common bulbs available include HIDs, LEDs, and halogens.

Always make sure that all the bulbs you buy are legal in your area. Each bulb type serves a different purpose. There are aftermarket bulbs designed to offer light brighter than factory bulbs. Others are built to give off a different color and enhance your car’s look. Higher temperature colors will give out deeper hues than lower temperature colors.

Aftermarket bulbs cost way much less than factory bulbs. They are also designed to improve vision in the dark. The only problem is that most could be illegal in certain states and when fitted incorrectly, they could be dangerous for use.

Note, however, that all information is provided in the purely informational purposes, without any warranty. Use the data at your own risk. Always carefully check all light bulb sizes, the operating voltage and the power. If you do not find a specific lamp type, you can file a request for an expert at the bottom of this page. We will do our best to determine the bulb size or provide the information on bulb replacement you need for your vehicle.

You can find out how to replace the bulbs in the manual instructions of your car. Depending on the vehicle model and the lighting technology, it may also be that you need to replace the bulbs in a car repair shop. Headlamps, turn signals, fog lights and tail lights are all part of the vehicle's lighting and must be present on each Ford vehicle. Even the small items, such as a side indicator, license plate lights and clearance lights are important components of the Ford car.

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