H7 bulb

The lamps with H7 base are widely used in the automotive industry and is most often represented in the middle-class cars. In most cases, the H7 lamp base is installed in the low and high beam headlights and less often in fog lights or as additional cornering lights.

Headlight Bulb Low Beam

There are 3 types of automobile low and high beam headlights using h7 lamps:

LED h7 lamps are characterized by efficiency and a long-lasting period of service.

Main advantages of LED H7 lamps: - high brightness (3500 Lumens);
- low energy consumption (up to 35 watts);
- compact size (smaller than xenon igniter);
- a service life of at least 30,000 hours;
- increased protection for mechanical damage;

Halogen h7 lamps provide affordable and excellent lighting performance. Not need to install any auxiliary equipment.

Xenon h7 lamps work from the light of an electric arc between electrodes stored in a bulb with gas. Xenon h7 guarantees excellent axial luminous flux with a predominance of high color temperature. Their appealing lighting is created thanks to blue and white light.

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Using LED for the H7 base significantly reduces the pressure from the car’s generator which leads to a decrease in fuel consumption. The service life of LED lamps is a few times longer and they are not sensitive to frequent on-offs, shaking and vibrations. The use of LED lights is comparable to xenon in terms of brightness, energy consumption and color temperature.